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As you should now know by taking YOR Essential Vitamin, it is called an "Essential Vitamin" for a reason. Everything we put into YOR Essential Vitamin serves to add to your daily nutrition.

We would like to know:
-What component and or benefit of YOR Essential Vitamin is most important to you?
-Why did you choose YOR Essential Vitamin over what you have taken in the past?

Como ya usted sabe por tomar la Essential Vitamin de YOR, se llama "Essential Vitamin" por una razon. Todo lo que ponemos a la vitamina Essential Vitamin de YOR le sirve para añadirle a su nutrición diaria.

Nos gustaria saber:
-¿Qué componente y/o beneficio de la Essential Vitamin es de más importancia para usted?
- ¿Por qué escojio la Essential Vitamin de YOR sobre lo que usted a tomado en el pasado?

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YOR Daily Nutrition Feedback:

Positive Leandro Luna Hernandez 01/31/2010 2:30 PM PST   #0
  Me las recomendo una amiga de mi esposa, una vez que las tomas despues de la comidad me ayudado a tener mas energia ya no me sueño y no llego cansado despues del trabajo.
Lo que me gustaria saber que mas acerca de este producto.

Positive Lorraine Bruna 08/25/2009 9:48 AM PST   #1
  I love the Essential Vitamins. They have put my body back into balance. I have more energy than ever before. I love YOR health, it has changed my life.
Positive Aaron Pitman 07/23/2009 10:11 PM PST   #2
  I take my vitamins everyday. I am glad I finally found a potent and effective way to get my body what it needs! I used to spend a few hundred dollars on all the things now included in the YOR Essential Vitamin for just a fraction of the cost! Thanks!
Positive Jennifer Garthwaite 04/20/2009 11:47 AM PST   #3
  I have noticed a real sheen in my skin and hair since I started using the Vitamin, and I can tell a noticable increase in my energy levels when I have and havent taken my vitamin. I have read so much about CoQ10, and I see why there is so much excitement about it - its really helped me.
Positive Edwin Cuevas De Escalante 03/13/2009 4:44 PM PST   #4
  my cardio has increased since i've use the Essential Vitamins, from 5 minutes struggling to stay running, to now run 30 minutes with no problems because it helps my heart health to be on point, when i used to shave my face was getting so irritated from the razors to the point that i just stop shaving which it was not attractive in general, but because of the anti-oxcidants in the Vitamins my skin has improve and i look 15 when i shave, lol, is the truth ask my friend and they'll tell you, thats why i love this EV's
Positive Robert 12/15/2008 1:04 PM PST   #5
  The Vitamin has been amazing for me - I have taken vitamins for the longest time - MegaMen from GNC, Centrum, etc, and never felt anything. I figured Vitamins were not supposed to make you feel anything...but that obviously isnt true, after having used the Essential Vitamin. It must have something to do with absorbtion, because I always get a great boost of energy with this Vitamin, my skin has improved alot, and I just generally feel more lively. Its a big difference, and even costs less than what I was paying at GNC. Thanks!
Positive Christopher Nicolas 11/22/2008 1:04 AM PST   #6
  Oh man The Essential Vitamin is the best for me right now from the results I got so far. I don't get sick that much anymore and I feel really good just taking it and my skin is getting better everyday. What an amazing product!
Positive Samantha Davis 09/09/2008 5:18 PM PST   #7
  I used to have the stereotypic "crash" shortly after lunch which would leave me yawning and unable to focus at work. After starting on the Essential Vitamin I no longer have this problem anymore! Also, as an unexpected side effect my skin has really shown improvements with softness and I even got complements from my boyfriend!

Thanks YOR Health!
Positive Hameed Hemmat 08/27/2008 9:58 AM PST   #8
  The YOR Essential Vitamins have not only helped me so much with my energy levels and my skin, but I have seen what changes it has made in my parents lives. Both of my parents are diabetics. They had both been taking vitamins that were recommended to them by their doctor. They have now been using the YOR Essential Vitamins for the past several months and the feedback I get from them is amazing. My mother tells me she has not had this much energy since she was in her 40's and keep in mind she is 62. My father as well has experienced higher levels of energy. He is 72. He used to do a 2 mile walk along with my mother twice a week. Now they go 4-5 times per week. Thank you YOR Health for the Essential Vitamins. This is by far the best bottle of vitamins I have ever used and again this has helped my parents to be able to live a healtier lifestyle.
Positive Irvine Georges 08/18/2008 12:30 PM PST   #9
  Taking the Essential Vitamins, I've noticed rapid results. As a teenager growing up, I tried just about everything to clear up the acne and blemishes on my face. Very few items worked. The ones that did left my skin really dry and scally. Using the Essential Vitamins, I've noticed my skin clearing up in a matter of weeks. The pimples were gone, and the black dots that swarmed my face were disappearing. I can now say that my skin looks a lot healthier, scaleless, no more dryness, and no more coverup! I think the most beneficial ingredient to my skin health is the CoQ10. Thank You YOR HEALTH!
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